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We have just entered June and from now till August there are big celestial events taking place which are likely to be mirrored by ones of equal significance on Earth.

The pace of life has picked up with Jupiter and Uranus now in Aries. The urge to revolt and tell your boss, partner, friends, colleagues, family, where to stick it is getting stronger by the day.
This comes from the strong force that seeks liberation from where we are frustrated and held back both physically and psychologically.
It is important to remember that setting oneself free is not achieved by attacking others even though it may appear that the other is the one who holds us prisoner.

The other major events coming up are the eclipses.
The lunar eclipse is on 26 June and the solar eclipse is on 11 July the day of the World Cup Final in South Africa. Only an astrologer could scheduled it for that day!

Astrologers have been talking about the lunar eclipse on 26 June for some time as the eclipsed moon will be exactly conjunct Pluto.
The last time this happened was on 24 April 1986 two days before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
It is no wonder that many are predicting major upheavals socially, economically and environmentally.
We only have to look at the situation in Iran, North Korea, the BP oil spill, etc to see where potential incidents could ignite.

However, what is happening on the inner level is of equal if not greater significance and areas in our life where there is suppression, corruption and hiding of the truth are likely to be forced out into our conscious awareness.

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